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A hint of the new Warzone map would be hidden in the BO6 trailer



Although the release of Black Ops 6 is still a long way off, a CoD streamer thinks the BO6 reveal trailer is hiding a clue about the new Warzone map.

The Black Ops 6 reveal brought a ton of details to the Zombies campaign and multiplayer, with a particular focus on continuing the Black Ops narrative.

Although Warzone wasn’t shown off at the event, the limited BO6 content that was shared was enough for geekypastimes to find a possible hidden reference to Warzone’s upcoming map.

On X/Twitter, the content creator pointed out how detailed the region of one of BO6’s multiplayer maps was. Because of its large size, he thought it was “almost like it’s really part of a bigger map… Like a Warzone map.

This curiosity led another member of the Warzone community, Cassian, to find a map in Warzone’s Rebirth Island submarine called Avalon. Its disposition “fits perfectly” to the surrounding area of ​​the BO6 map in question.

In response to the post, several players shared that this could be a Resurgence card because it is “very small for a normal BR“, to which Geeky replied that what is seen might not even be the complete map, because the “screenshot shows more places that look like POIs a little further away.

Expanding on this theory, content creator WhosImmortal pointed out in a June 13 video that it’s intriguing to find this map inside Warzone’s Rebirth Island submarine.

He also agreed that Avalon could be linked to Warzone’s next map and, given its seemingly small size, he speculated that it could be intended for Resurgence mode, especially after Ashika Island was removed.

Keep in mind, however, that this is all speculation, as nothing has yet been confirmed regarding a new Black Ops 6-era Warzone map. Prior to this geekypastimes discovery, leaks had suggested that Verdansk could return as a Battle Royale map.

The search for answers continues, but players won’t have to wait long for more details, as BO6’s multiplayer will be revealed on August 28 during the CoD Next event.

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