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A Jujutsu Kaisen fan would have decoded Yuji's technique



Yuji's powers in Jujutsu Kaisen have gained even more power, and one fan is convinced to have found an explanation for the phenomenon.

Yuji's powers in Jujutsu Kaisen remained a secret for a long time, at least until the hero embarked on his final battle against Sukuna. His main goal is to save his friend Megumi, and his new ability might just help him do that.

In the short time between Gojo's return and the fight against the Scourge King, the exorcists scrambled to improve their skills. And the training was welcome, because the Possessor of the Sixth Eye did not actually survive the battlefield. However, there is one who has improved much more than the others.

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Yuji is not only capable of using complex high-level techniques like the Reversal Spell, but he can also directly attack Sukuna's soul. Even now, Jujutsu Kaisen has yet to fully explore Yuji's powers. However, a Reddit user shared a theory about the protagonist's sudden improvement in abilities.

Why did Yuji's powers increase so much in Jujutsu Kaisen ?

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A Reddit user indeed assumes that Yuji has the same adaptation skills as Mahoraga (Makora). The theory in the thread is extremely detailed as it explains all the times Yuji had to endure Sukuna's attacks, and how they are reminiscent of the process of adapting to the Zenin scourge.

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The theory explores instances where Yuji negates Sukuna's abilities, such as Mahoraga's role against Gojo, highlighting the parallels between their fighting styles. During the confrontation, only the first four moves are represented in a single box. Afterwards, the slashes lose effectiveness, fluctuating in the amount removed and degrading when targeting Yuji and other exorcists.

To further support his argument, the user also mentions Yuji's immunity to Mahito's Alteration. His innate technique of evolution, or more specifically, adaptation, grants him protection against external sources of transfiguration.

The analysis examines all the times Yuji suppressed Sukuna's technique, assuming that after four attempts, Yuji reaches full adaptation to the suppression, such as Mahoraga's four spins of the wheel. But even so, many things remain mysterious about Yuji, including his lineage and why Kenjaku created him.

We also have to deal with chapter 220 of Jujutsu Kaisen, in which we learn that the young man assimilated the other fetuses of the Nine Phases to appropriate their powers. He would therefore now be able to use techniques related to the manipulation of red blood cells.

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The fight in the manga still continues, with the King of Blights showing few signs of weakness. It is therefore impossible to guess in advance what awaits the protagonist, especially since Gege Akutami, the author of Jujutsu Kaisenlikes to take his readers by surprise.

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