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A new Pal announced in Palworld with the game's first raid



Palworld, the survival adventure game filled with captivating creatures, is set to introduce its first-ever raid, marking a significant milestone in the game's evolution since its Early Access launch.

This new content, called Bellanoir, promises to bring a breath of fresh air and challenge to the already rich world of Palworld. The raid will feature an evil Pal of the same name, Bellanoir, who threatens the tranquility of the Palpagos Islands, thus summoning the most seasoned Pal trainers to measure themselves against this dark power.


Palworld's first content update is coming soon

Announced via Palworld's official

Although the announcement does not provide a specific date for the launch of this content, the term “soon” used suggests that players will not have to wait too long before being able to engage in this new adventure.


The Bellanoir raid is part of a series of updates and expansions planned by the developers, aimed at continually enriching the gaming experience with new challenges, new creatures to capture and new territories to explore.


In addition to the raid, Palworld's roadmap for early access includes the introduction of player versus player (PvP) combat, cross-platform compatibility (crossplay) between Steam and Xbox, and numerous improvements aimed at optimizing the game and expand your universe.

This announcement is a clear sign of the developers' commitment to providing a dynamic and evolving gaming experience, meeting the expectations and desires of the community. The Bellanoir raid, with its eponymous Evil Pal, promises to bring challenging and engaging end-game content, strengthening the connection between players and the living world of Palworld.


Trainers from around the world eagerly await to discover the mysteries and challenges this new raid holds, ready to join forces to protect the Palpagos Islands from the growing threat.

Stay tuned for more information on the launch date and specific details of this exciting raid. Bellanoir is just the beginning of a series of new features planned for Palworld, promising exciting adventures and new challenges for all Pals trainers.


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