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A Nightingale player shares a tip for quickly farming materials



It can be difficult to get all the materials you need in Nightingale, especially when you're starting out. Fortunately, a player has shared some useful tips for easily farming materials.

Materials in Nightingale are essential for increasing your Equipment Score so you can access new Realms. They help improve your workbenches, create new weapons and upgrade them.

While items like wood are fairly easy to obtain early in the game, it gets a bit more complicated when you're looking for parts like hinges and ingots. They do not appear as they are in the world. You need to find specific materials to make them.

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However, one player has found a way to obtain metal ingots, hinges, and other rarer materials early in the game without needing to craft them.

A Nightingale player shares his tip for farming materials quickly using chests

On Reddit, PanzerKommader shared the information. “ Destroy the chests you find with an axe. You get free hardwood, carved wood, hinges and metal ingots (depending on chest type) “.

This simple tip will make increasing your Gear Score and crafting new items in Nightingale much more efficient. Another player also shared a tip for obtaining resources when you get your hands on recipes.

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I do this for materials and also destroy table augmentations that are placed in the world. This really helped me with making these and other things for my home kingdom once I got the recipe myself “, he explained.

While these methods don't keep you continuously supplied, players have found that they can be useful for obtaining harder-to-find materials to upgrade and craft the items you need in Nightingale.

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