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A Palworld player shares a tip discovered after more than 100 hours of play



A Palworld player shares a valuable tip discovered after 100 hours of gameplay that saves a lot of time.

Palworld has established itself as a must-have, rising to the rank of the most popular games in the history of Steam.

The enthusiasm of players was not long in coming, falling under the spell of the adorable Pals, the construction of bases, the exhilarating boss clashes, and the immensity of its open world. These elements combined offered a captivating experience from the first moments.

Whether it's capturing Pals, farming resources or building your base, you will need many tools and weapons. So, like any object used again and again, they will need to be repaired.

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And in fact, a Palword player made a discovery regarding the Repair Bench after more than 100 hours of play.

Repair Bench Menu in PalworldPocketpair

Repair Bench Menu in Palworld

In a post on Reddit, player u/Weebsaika shared his discovery. “ Yeah, so after over 100 hours… I just realized that I can repair everything by pressing R in the Repair Bench… “.

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In the comments, many players also seemed to have discovered the trick late. One of them said: “ Dude, my wife showed it to me last night – already level 36 in my second world “.

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Many then thanked the poster and pointed out that the problem comes from the interface itself. Indeed, being able to repair everything in one click by pressing R is not very visible. One fan explained: “ The option to fix everything is located below the UI in front of your eyes, and it's grayed out and hard to see if you don't have the resources to fix everything “.

Finally, Palworld players took the opportunity to share another tip. A fan indicated that pressing R can also help in another context. He explained : ” I know you can press R to quickly stack items from inventory to storage “.

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So it's never too late to learn new tricks, even after hundreds of hours of playing Palworld.

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