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A Quiet Place on PS5! Game based on the film is announced



Saber Interactive, together with developer Stormind Games, announced the A Quiet Place on PS5, an adaptation of the horror film franchise. With launch scheduled for 2024, A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead it will also have versions for Xbox Series and PC.

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The game brings a unique story of survival after the invasion of deadly creatures. In this single-player spin-off, the player follows the journey of a young woman who, in addition to dealing with this apocalypse, suffers from family conflicts and confronts her own internal fears.

What to expect from A Quiet Place on PS5?

This A Quiet Place game on PS5 promises to convey the same disturbing and tense atmosphere as the films. Check out how the developers intend to deliver these sensations to players:

  • Disturbing Atmosphere – Experience absolute terror as you strive to maintain silence as you hide and sneak past horrific creatures that hunt using only sound.
  • Untold Story – Embark on a dramatic adventure inspired by the A Quiet Place film franchise as a young survivor trying to navigate the new and eerily tranquil post-apocalyptic landscape.
  • Uncommon Ingenuity – Discover your own path through the world by observing your environment and taking advantage of the tools around you.

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