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A simple Warzone glitch gives this meta submachine gun the best sights



A new glitch has been discovered in Warzone, completely transforming the sights of the AMR9 which is one of the best submachine guns, making it extremely easy to see enemies.

The AMR9 has been slightly overshadowed by the dominant Superi 46 in Warzone Season 4, but that could change after the discovery of a glitch that gives this submachine gun the clearest sight in the game.

For the glitch to work, you must own the AMR9 Poisonous Caress weapon blueprintbecause it is this plan which transforms the sight of the machine gun.

If you have this blueprint or the BlackCell variant of the AMR9 weapon blueprint, equip it and add the JAK Atlas Kit to your weapon.

Remove it immediately and go to the shooting gallery. You will then see that your basic viewfinder will be significantly clearer. Leave the shooting range and then equip our best class with the AMR9.

Accessories such as ZEHMN35 flash reducer compensatorTHE DR-6 handguard and the Phantom Handle combine perfectly to improve your recoil control while balancing your mobility to maintain the fluidity of movement and maneuverability of the AMR9.

Since you don’t need a scope thanks to this glitch, we recommend replacing this slot with the Canon Pro AMR9 Regal, as this will further increase your mobility and maneuverability. While this comes at the cost of some recoil control, the reduction is minimal and barely noticeable in close-range combat.

Complete this class with the 50-round magazinewhich is more than enough to take on multiple opponents at once.

Warzone content creator TheKoreanSavage also highlighted this glitched version of the AMR9 in his June 17 YouTube video, where he described the base sight as “foolish“.

This class of the AMR9 is great for mobility, and while few accessories help with recoil control, this submachine gun is still easy enough to wield to hit your targets. That said, it’s designed for close-range duels, so keep that in mind when using it.

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