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Abby actress talks about offenses: “they threatened my son”



Laura Bailey, Abby's actress, went from heaven to hell with the release of The Last of Us 2. Everyone knows the glories part, after all, critics highly praised the character's introduction and how she was naturally fitted into the plot, however, the professional responsible for dubbing the “villain” suffered serious threats from the community.

Do you want to know about this story involving Abby's actress? So be careful with heavy spoilers after this paragraph.

The Last of Us 2 Abby actressThe Last of Us 2 Abby actress
Source: Naughty Dog

Laura Bailey confessed during her participation in Grounded II, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the production of The Last of Us 2, that some of the public threatened to kill her. Not only her, but her newborn son at the time was also a victim of virtual attacks from this part of the community.

The worst were the heaviest death threats that got through the filter and they made sure they weren't from anyone who lived near me. They threatened my son who was born during all of this and yes, it was difficult. But, you know, more than anything it taught me to keep my distance.

Abby's actress ended up suffering these attacks because of the first hours of gameplay, where the character was responsible for ending Joel's life. What motivated her was the fact that Ellie's guardian had murdered her father, the doctor in charge of finding a cure for the cordyceps infection.

When taking Ellie from the Vagalumes hospital, Joel took the doctor's life and thought that life would go on peacefully. For this reason, many fans of the franchise were angry with Naughty Dog and Abby, and ended up taking out their frustration in a completely unbalanced way on the actress.

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