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Abragames criticizes last minute amendment to the Games Legal Framework



Abragames (Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers) defends the maintenance of the substitute Legal Framework for Games and refutes the amendment proposed by Senator Irajá (PSD-TO), filed on the morning of this Wednesday, 13th, in Brasília.

After a long debate last year, the national electronic games industry – represented by Abragames itself and regional associations – celebrated the approval of PL 2,796/2021 by the Education Committee of the Federal Senate, on February 27 of this year.

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Today (13), on the day scheduled for the Plenary to vote on the Games Legal Framework, the new proposed amendment was presented to try to delay and block the entire process, claiming that the text creates tax incentives for the games development industry.

“Senator Irajá’s proposal makes no sense. The gaming sector does not enter into incentive laws as of PL 2796, as it has already been registered in the Rouanet Law for more than 10 years and in others, such as the Paulo Gustavo Law, long before the Games Legal Framework”, says Carolina Caravana , vice president of Abragames. “The bill as it stands does not generate any economic impact for the Federation.”

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Amendment to the Legal Framework for Games could encourage sports betting

The current text of the Legal Framework for Games was created by the rapporteur of Senator Leila Barros and Senator Flávio Arns, who proactively consulted various entities in the electronic game development industry, such as Abragames. This initiative was essential to diagnose the current situation in the segment, understand its main needs and obtain a real idea of ​​the size of the Brazilian industry.

“As a representative of the sector, Abragames believes that the approval of the current text of the Games Legal Framework will reflect the understanding under Brazilian legislation that the activity of game development is one of the largest industries in cultural and audiovisual entertainment. In fact, it is important in other verticals that go beyond entertainment, such as education, health and simulation”, highlights Rodrigo Terra, president of Abragames.

Senator Irajá, who filed the amendment this morning, was the rapporteur of a previous version of PL 2796/2021, which caused great concern among sector entities at the time.

Abragames understands that this text took into account outdated definitions and specific issues of just one subgenre, Fantasy Games, which is just a niche within the industry — and which, due to the way it was described in the previous text, could open up space for bets (bet) disguised as “video games”.

Source: Abragames

What do you think of this discussion about the Games Legal Framework? Do you believe that this amendment would give space to the betting market? Comment!

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