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Acclaimed on PlayStation, Hades will have a Netflix version



One of the most acclaimed games of recent years, Hades will be ported to the Netflix gaming platform.

Originally released for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020, when it collected industry awards, then brought to PlayStation and Xbox the following year, the title “is a fun, engaging, intriguing and very addictive experience”, according to the analysis of MyPS.

And now anyone who has a Netflix subscription and an iOS device compatible with the streaming service's gaming tool will be able to enjoy this great adventure. A port of the game will arrive on March 19th, as seen in the trailer below:

The Hades link is already on the App Store, and players can pre-register for the game.

How long does it take to clear Hades?

In addition to the very different art style, Supergiant Games brought a lot of cool mechanics to its latest roguelike Of success. If you haven't had the opportunity to play it yet and want to know how long it takes to beat Hades before starting your journey through the underworld, then click here.

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