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Action roguelike, Ancient Weapon Holly on PS4 has a date



Ancient Weapon Holly had its release divided into two dates, one for the PS4 and one for the PS5. According to ACQUIRE and Aniplex, after the debuts on PS5, Switch and PC, which took place on March 8, the PS4 version will arrive on the 25th of the same month.

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Promising moments of intense combat and doses of strategy in the gameplay, the game does not seem to have been well received by critics. On Metacriticthe Nintendo Life portal rated it with a score of 60 for the Switch, while Noisy Pixel, testing the PC version, gave it a score of 30.

Ancient Weapon Holly menu with a character and list of optionsAncient Weapon Holly menu with a character and list of options

The biggest criticisms for Ancient Weapon Holly revolve around a narrative that left something to be desired and repetitive designs in the dungeons. Despite substandard ratings, the title is well praised for its combat mechanics.

More details about Ancient Weapon Holly

In a press release, Aniplex listed the main features of Ancient Weapon Holly. Check out each of them in the topics below:

  • Intense Combat – In the dungeons, hesitation can be deadly. Intense and exciting combats await you. Face enemies with overwhelming force and seize brief moments of opportunity for strategic battles.
  • Strategically Lure Enemies into Traps – Break the ground and block the enemy’s path. This is your way of surviving. Predict enemy movements, create traps and capture them all. Strategic prediction, rather than direct combat, is essential in this game.
  • Thrilling Action of Burying Enemies in Traps – Lure enemies into traps and bury them with your bare hands. The emotion of this moment is one of the game's main attractions.
  • Deepen Strategy with Holly Evolution and Altar Unlock – Defeat enemies to acquire upgrade items. Use these items to evolve Holly and unlock the altar's functions! Experience deeper strategies as you play. With a skill tree format, a variety of upgrades are possible based on your strategy.

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