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Action RPG, Fate Seeker II arrives on July 4th on PS5



Jusdan International and JSL Entertainment announced that the action RPG Fate Seeker II will have a PS5 version on July 4th. This debut also marks the arrival of an update on both platforms containing support for audio and texts in English.

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The Chinese game puts players in the role of Zhuge Yu, a young rebel who lost his parents at an early age. Shaken by grief, he is guided by a strong sense of justice and goes after the heart of corruption to make the villains pay for his loss.

Now, he becomes a kind of vigilante and gets involved in the most diverse missions against the oppressors. And despite the challenges, his martial arts specialties will not abandon him and will be with him in a vibrant and expansive world.

Watch the Fate Seeker II trailer below:

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Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

Embark on a journey through a martial arts cultivation system known for its unlimited flexibility and freedom.

With over 20 martial arts techniques combined in an Eight Trigrams skill tree, you can create your path of specialization in powers.

Featuring hundreds of interchangeable combat perks, the game offers countless ways to dominate combat.

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