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“Advanced” console cheats scare players ahead of Black Ops 6 release



A Call of Duty streamer has warned players to be wary of “evolved” console cheats ahead of Black Ops 6’s release.

Cheating in Call of Duty isn’t exactly a new concept, with players regularly reporting opponents using wall hacks, aimbotting, and other means to gain an unfair advantage.

However, cheating has primarily been a problem on PC, with console restrictions and limitations generally blocking most, but not all, hacking software.

As Black Ops 6, the highly anticipated next installment in the franchise, approaches, concerns about cheats have intensified within the community. A content creator has warned console players to watch for major advances in cheating on that platform.

Call of Duty streamer KapZ shared a video on X/Twitter urging his fellow CoD players to be wary of “evolved” cheats when playing on console. The streamer claimed that “console no longer a safe space for competitive CoD” and included footage in his initial tweet showing an example of these advanced cheating tactics in Warzone.

Although some were quick to point out that the footage in question was actually using PC hacks, the author of the post confirmed that while this was true, the game was taking place on console. “The game runs on console, but a PC is used to run the cheats, yes.

Since Black Ops 6 will be available on current and previous generation consoles, this preemptive warning has already put console players on alert ahead of its launch.

It’s terrible that developers can’t prevent this… they charge exorbitant prices for every little thing and can’t guarantee basic fairness“, commented a user.

Fucking cheating ruins the game. Every mode, almost every game“, added another.

So as Black Ops 6 approaches, will developers seek to strengthen their RICOCHET anti-cheat to finally ensure a healthy and fluid gaming experience? The answer in a few months.

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