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After 800 hours of play, a Starfield player discovers an incredible new area



See how one Starfield player found a new area after 800 hours of gameplay, showcasing the RPG's unparalleled depth.

Starfield was one of the biggest releases of 2023, breaking records on Xbox Game Pass. With multiple areas to explore and over 100 hours of content to discover, players continue to find new areas, quests and easter eggs, months after launch.

Now entering its second year, the game continues to provide content for fans, even those who have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into the RPG title.

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Also, a Starfield player took to Reddit to reveal that after 800 hours of play, he still manages to come across new outposts and areas of the game that are still unexplored.

Starfield player discovers new area after over 800 hours of play

On Reddit, player Constellation_XI posted: “ 800+ hours of gameplay and I just discovered this location on Maheo I… amazing that it's just a random location not related to a quest “. He shared several photos of the location in question.

Fellow Starfield players flooded the Reddit post's comments. They shared their own experiences of discovery after hundreds of hours on the adventure.

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One Redditor commented, “ Be a completionist. So there are lots of things to do “. Another added, “ This isn't some random place, it's literally the only place in the entire universe where you can reliably get a swimsuit “.

However, other players have noted that mods have become an effective way to ensure replayability in the game. Indeed, a mod allows outposts to spawn anywhere. A feature that fans playing on consoles would love to be able to take advantage of.

A player also praised the mods and what they allow you to do. “ When people talk about waiting for mods, this is one of those times. Yeah, I hope modders take an interest in outpost upgrades and things like that. I would KILL to have a huge bunker base that looks like this. It's nice to dream “.

Perhaps the official arrival of mods with the Creation Kit 2 in Starfield will make this dream a reality.

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