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After being notified by Warner, dev makes his game free



After being informed about the removal of his game from digital stores by Warner Bros. Discovery, independent developer Owen Deery decided to take a radical stance. Starting this week, Small Radios Big Televisions can be downloaded for free via the official website.

On Steam and the PS Store, the game remains in paid mode and can be purchased, respectively, for R$23.99 and R$64.50. However, if the public wants to test the game from start to finish without paying anything, simply access its page on Fire Face.

The internet domain also provides a brief clarification on Owen Deer's determination. According to him, Warner Bros. Discovery reported that it will “retire” the game in PC and PS4 stores, due to “business changes”.

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Warner Bros. Games should move away from high-budget games

Warner Bros. Games revealed that the company is moving away from projects aimed at AAAs. The new business model indicates that the company will seek to invest in mobile and games as a service, as a way of generating continuity in the market. Click here to learn more.

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