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After Elden Ring, Miyazaki does not rule out expanding co-op mode



Elden Ring’s long-awaited expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, will be released on Friday (21), possibly ending the supply of DLCs for the RPG. With this, FromSoftware will have time to think about the future and various functions for its next games, including “fully cooperative” proposals.

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In an interview with PC Gamer, FromSoftware director Hidetaka Miyazaki was asked about the popular “Seamless Co-Op” mod on PC. This unofficial tool unlocks a more traditional cooperative experience, without being limited to bosses or specific areas within the RPG.

This would anger some breeders. After all, it’s a feature that wasn’t made with the original experience in mind, but Miyazaki’s response was very promising for those who enjoy facing these great challenges with friends.

It’s not something we actively oppose or want to downplay, the idea of ​​playing the entire game together,” stated Miyazaki. “In the case of Elden Ring, we wanted a looser, more casual style — walk in, beat a boss, leave. Does not impose technical restrictions on the player; it just allows you to complete that focus and move on.”

In previous FromSoftware games, including Elden Ring, you need to pick up a special item to summon another Tainted One. Now, having a group of allies throughout the journey? This wasn’t entirely ruled out by the studio president:

We’re not saying we won’t consider other ways, like you and your friend playing from start to finish, fully co-op.,” Miyazaki explained. “We’re not saying we won’t consider ideas like this for our future games.

elden ringelden ring
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Will we see something broader in the multiplayer environment in the studio’s next game?

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