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after rumors about PS5, studio opens vacancies



After a job opening announced by Microsoft indicated the possibility of Halo coming to other platforms, Brian Jarrard, head of 343 Industries, used the social network to publicize the positions that are open in the company to work with the future of the shooter.

“We are looking for new Spartans to join our team and build the next generation of games and experiences in our award-winning science fiction universe,” says the description of each position, in a post on the Xbox manufacturer’s official website. Again, some of the jobs mention “all platforms”, not just the Microsoft console.

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“Establish clear design goals and deliverables, focusing the systems design team on achieving a high-quality, cohesive experience for all players, on all platforms“, says the text of the lead gameplay designer vacancy, for example.

Now, the issue is that Microsoft has not officially taken a stance on making titles from the Halo series available on other devices. To date, only four of the company's games have been confirmed on PS5. Let's wait for official news in the future.

Halo on PlayStation was discussed several times, says ex-Xbox

Microsoft is releasing several of its games for other platforms and this has shaken up the industry. Have you ever thought if, in the future, Sony's competitor decides to put Halo on PlayStation? Peter Moore, former leader of the division, confessed that these conversations happen with some frequency behind the scenes.

According to him, if revenue jumps from US$250 million to a billion, it's something to think about a lot. Of course, consumers' opinions are taken into account, but they understand that the shooting franchise is extremely important for the brand. So, all kinds of impact, financial and popularity, are discussed. Read more here.

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