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AI is already used by 62% of game studios, research shows



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It's no secret that game studios are using AI to speed up your deliveries. A recent case occurred with some art made for Foamstars. Now, however, we have a slightly more precise dimension of the participation of technology in game development: 62% of producers have already used artificial intelligence in their works.

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This is what an unprecedented survey carried out by Unity. According to published material, 71% of studios reported that A.I. improved operational processes, optimizing production of games and increasing the number of deliveries.

This alone did not exactly translate into an increase in the productivity of these studios. In 2023the number of days to release a game was 304. As a comparison, in 2022they were 218 days needed for a game to go through the entire development process until it hits the shelves.

AI is used in generating levels and animations

According to the Unity report, AI has been widely used in initial steps of producing a game. Such as prototyping (68%), design conceptsassets and world building in general (56%).

Furthermore, it has been extensively explored in generation of arts, phases It is animationsas well as helping to write dialogues, programming lines and automated testing. For example, the use of NPCs for worlds randomly It has already been adopted by 64% of producers.

Interestingly, 38% of studios surveyed are still reluctant to use AI in their productions. At the same time, 43% of them reported that they even thought about using it, but didn't have time. 24% believe they do not have the ability to do so.

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