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Akka Arrh will be released on March 8th for PS5 and PS VR2



Atari and renowned designer Jeff Minter have announced that psychedelic shooter Akka Arrh will launch for PS5 and PS VR2 on March 8. The update for the new generation of consoles will complete the existing versions for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Considered an “incomparable sensory odyssey”, the title consists of a surreal adventure full of shapes, colors and sounds. By combining shooting elements, it features a chain reaction mechanic where players must eliminate enemies in the blink of an eye, according to the rhythm of the effects.

The Akka Arrh update for recent consoles will also include support for additional accessibility features related to impactful on-screen visuals. Starting in March, it will be possible to embark on the game by deactivating some of the most intense lighting effects and flashes.

So far, it is unclear whether the PS5 and PS VR2 versions will entitle those who own the PS4 edition to a free upgrade.

Learn more about Akka Arrh

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

A cascade of words, colors, shapes and sounds flows around your tower as you desperately fight the swarms of enemies that appear.

If they reach your perimeter, zoom in for close-quarters combat and defeat them, adjusting to a completely different perspective in the blink of an eye. Welcome to Jeff Minter's Akka Arrh.

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