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Alien Romulus already named the “creepiest film since the original”



The first trailer forAlien: Romulus has just been released and plunges its spectators into a dull anguish. Fans even believe that it is the feature film “the creepiest” of the franchise since the iconic first film with Ripley.

The very first trailer for the film Alien: Romulus has just dropped, and the promise made to fans is obvious: we are going to take spectators back to the sources of the famous and terrifying franchise, in what made all the salt (and blood) ofAlien.

This time it was not Ridley Scott who took charge of the project. The director of the very first opus of the franchise and its spin-offs Prometheus And Covenant gave up the pilot's seat to Fede Alvarez, author of the horror film Don't Breathe. And according to the first trailer and the unanimous reaction of spectators, the choice was wise!

Fans are hyped by the first trailer forAlien: Romulus

Barely the first images ofAlien: Romulus they came across on social networks that fans expressed their enthusiasm.

Particularly praised were the ambient claustrophobia brought to the fore, the deliberately vintage and cold science fiction settings, but also the work on sound and voices charged with visceral fear.

It gives me shivers. I expected nothing less from Alien: Romulus, but it seems to be the creepiest Alien movie since the original. Fede understood everything.

Other good news: if the trailer reveals the facehuggers in all their spidery splendor, it especially opts not to show (almost) any Xenomorphs. Star of the first film Alienthe creature had however been hidden as much as possible by its director Ridley Scott.

If the maneuver was initially intended not to break the viewer's immersion by showing them a monster that cost too much for the special effects, it mainly made it possible to play off-camera. Indeed, what's more frightening in cinema than a threat you can't see?

Alien: Romulus will land in French theaters on August 14, 2024.

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