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All equipment confirmed in Black Ops 6



Like every Call of Duty, Black Ops 6 offers an arsenal of useful equipment to take down enemies, including fan-favorite items as well as new options. Here’s all of BO6’s gear revealed so far.


Call of Duty players received a ton of information about Black Ops 6 through the Direct event during the Xbox Games Showcase, including the class system, giving players weapons, perks, wild cards and gear to kill enemies in any mode.




Gear has always been a key part of Call of Duty’s Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies modes, and that continues in BO6.

Here is every BO6 equipment revealed so far, with a brief explanation of their effects.


BO6: All equipment known to date

According to the developers, most of these gear will appear in BO6 as campaign-specific gear.

However, it is not yet clear how many of these will be included in multiplayer, and whether they will be categorized as Killstreaks or Equipment. We will update this article if any new equipment or details are revealed.



  • Calls a “mini-quad” capable of exploding

Tranquilizer trap

  • Chokes an enemy when they approach it
Black Ops 6 Tranquilizer Trap


  • Grants increased health and movement boost when activated

Self-guided knife

  • Throwing knife with explosive capabilities


  • Paralyzes enemies with an electric shock
Black Ops 6 Disruptor


  • A deadly grenade that sticks to the opponent and explodes
Semtex Black Ops 6

Pomegranate frag*

  • Produces explosive damage in a radius upon detonation

The Semtex and Grenade frag were not confirmed in Activision’s press release, but they were shown during the BO6 reveal.

In summary, here is all the equipment that has been revealed so far in Black Ops 6. While you wait to learn more, also check out the major movement overhaul of BO6, with the multi-directional movement mechanic and the return of the Prestige.

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