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All Helmets in Helldivers 2 with secret Armor stats



Helldivers 2 hides a few helmets with secret armor stats to help in combat. So here's everything you need to know about them.

Helldivers 2 is the new cooperative action gaming sensation, and players team up, or play solo, to fight enemies in the name of Super-Earth.

To help in the fight against Automatons and Terminides, Helldivers 2 offers Stratagems and Armor. Some of these items feature hidden stats in the form of different passive bonuses to aid in the fight against the aliens.

While Body Armor is supposed to be the only piece of Armor that provides stat changes, players have noticed that some Helmets change their character's Armor Rating, Speed, and Stamina Regeneration. But which ones are they?

Leq Helmets from Helldivers 2 with hidden stats

Thanks to YouTuber StandardAce, it was discovered that the Headsets SC-30 Scout And Dynamo SA-32 in Helldivers 2 both provide stat changes despite their in-game descriptions stating that they have no additional bonuses and are purely cosmetic.

So here's how these Helmets affect your stats in Helldivers 2:

  • Scout Armor Helmet SC-30 :
    • Increases your Speed ​​and Stamina'Endurance Regeneration at the expense of Armor Classification.
  • Armor Helmet Dynamo SA-32 :
    • Increases Armor Rating at the expense of Speed ​​and Stamina Regeneration.

Helmet SC-30 Scout can be unlocked at Page 7 of the War Obligation: Mobilization! for 35 Medals. THE Dynamo SA-32 Helmetit is located at the Page 1 of the War Bond: Distinguished Veterans for 12 Medals.

You can earn medals in Helldivers 2 by completing Daily Personal Order Challenges, joining higher difficulty missions like Suicide Level Missions, exploring crashed ships and containers, or breaking into bunkers with friends.

We will therefore keep you informed of any changes to Helmets with hidden stats, whether it is a bug or a desired feature.

In the meantime, check out our Helldivers 2 news and guides.

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