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All Marvel Rivals game modes



Before you get your hands on the highly anticipated new shooter Marvel Rivals, check out all the game modes available.

Marvel Rivals is NetEase's new shooter that brings together most of the characters seen in the MCU. The game will soon enter a Closed Alpha period, and everyone who wishes to participate must first learn about the different game modes available.

So check out the Marvel Rivals game modes we know so far.

All Marvel Rivals game modes

Marvel Rivals will have two game modes, Control And Escortbut the official names have not yet been confirmed by NetEase.

Gameplay Iron Man Marvel Rivals

In Marvel Rivals Escort mode, the attacking team must escort a cart.

What is Escort Mode in Marvel Rivals?

Escort is a game mode in which the attacking team must escort a cart to a delivery pointwhile the defensive team tries to stop them until time runs out.

The more players from the attacking team are near the cart, the faster it will advance. However, if the entire defensive team is around, this will push the cart back considerably.

What is Control Mode in Marvel Rivals?

In this game mode, two teams of six players fight to capture a designated point on the map. Players from each team must enter the marked area and defend the point against the opposing team's headquarters.

A team can capture the point when the score reaches 100%. The team's score will increase if they have control of the point.

It is important to clarify that NetEase has not yet revealed whether there will be other game modes or a PvE campaign. So we'll make sure to keep this article updated as soon as the developers reveal new details.

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