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All perk changes in Warzone Season 2



tous les changements atouts maj warzone saison 2

The changes to Warzone Season 2 have been massive, and they include some notable changes to in-game assets. Here's everything you need to know.

Season 2 of MW3 and Warzone is here, and as usual, massive changes are plentiful across the board, in addition to the huge infusion of content across Battle Royale and multiplayer.

And among the notable changes, we can cite significant improvements to in-game health regeneration, weapon nerfs and buffs, and even improvements to aiming.

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But changes to the assets hidden in the Warzone patch note also look very interesting.

Warzone Operator Extendable BridgeActivision

Warzone Season 2 Update perk changes

  • Irradiated
    • Now reduces gas damage by 20%, up from 10%.
    • Allows players to use armor plates while in the gas.

With this change we want to enable an adjacent advantage when using Irradiated. Being able to tackle in the gas will open up rotation opportunities. To support the fact that the plates will continue to degrade in the gas, we have slightly increased the damage reduction. This also aligns the damage amount so that it is easier for other systems to calculate.

  • Battle hardened
    • Now displays the “resist” icon for the killstreak owner when a player resists the Guardian.
  • Rapid Regeneration
    • Rapid Regeneration will now correctly start regenerating health when the player inserts an armor plate.
  • Veil
    • The deployed smoke grenade has a slight random lag so it is not deployed directly on the player.
    • This small change makes it slightly less predictable where the downed player is in the smoke.

This minor change makes the location of the downed player in the smoke a little less predictable.

We'll see how these perk changes play out, but the changes to Irradiated could be quite massive, potentially encouraging players to play in the gas more than before.

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