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AMD indicates AI upscaling technology in PS5 Pro



Speculation about the PS5 Pro's hardware and its possible date of arrival on the market has been going on since mid-2023. But now, it seems that official information from AMD has a hint of a feature that the console should bring to players: upscaling with artificial intelligence.

The feature is basically a functionality that uses AI to improve the image quality of something. Today, for example, many people use the Internet to increase the resolution of photos and videos. On the console, basically, it would work the same way, generating even better graphics.

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And a statement from Mark Papermaster, CTO at AMD, reveals that the company has developed its proprietary technology for this type of service, and it should be available soon. Still this year.

“We just completed implementing artificial intelligence across our entire portfolio — you know, cloud, Edge, PCs and gaming devices. We are enabling our gaming devices to improve quality using AI and 2024 is truly a year of great implementation. So, now the base is there, the capabilities are there”, he commented.

And, as rumors are that the PS5 Pro will have AMD processing technology, it makes perfect sense for it to be one of those “gaming devices”, right?

Sony would already be sharing PS5 Pro specifications

Increasingly, information about the long-awaited PS5 Pro is circulating among journalists and insiders at the beginning of the year. The latest report comes from Colin Moriarty, host of a podcast called Sacred Symbols and famous for typically getting PlayStation-related news right. According to him, Sony is already sharing the specifications of the new console with third-party developers. What does this mean in practice? Click here and check it out.

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