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Amid layoffs, Firesprite is accused of toxic culture



Apparently, the layoffs at Firesprite, as part of Sony's major restructuring that ended up having 900 people cut from studios around the world, were just more bad news for those who work at the company. According to anonymous reports to Eurogamer, the company has had a “toxic culture” for a long time.

According to the report, the last few months have been quite complicated in the studio. Since the acquisition by PlayStation, in fact, Firesprite has encountered difficulties, both in management and objective performance. Crunch, burnout and stress are some common words in employee criticism.

“It's coming to work every day and feeling tired when you get up. It's not just burnout, it's stress. It’s people feeling unsupported,” commented one person.

In fact, employee reviews on the website Glassdoor describe “terrible” bosses who are “completely out of their depth” and “only care about your money”, which creates a “toxic and intimidating culture” and “of fear”. There are those who say that the “old” Firesprite was disorganized and that Sony remodeled the studio, which “caused friction”.

Firesprite has a game in development

Amid all this controversy and after having a Twisted Metal game cancelled, Firesprite continues working on a game for PlayStation codenamed Project Heartbreak.

For the future, Eurogamer's sources suggest that leadership re-examine the studio's principles, listen to its team and decide what the culture will be. Furthermore, Firesprite must seek new ways of thinking and leading independently of Sony.

I hope it happens and everything works out, right?

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