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An XDefiant dev confirms the arrival of a Prestige system and an overhaul of progression



XDefiant’s weapon progression system has undergone major changes, making it much more difficult to obtain mastery skins. However, these changes are also intended to prepare for the arrival of a Prestige system.

Progression beyond unlocking weapons and camouflages in XDefiant is quite limited, and players have been demanding major upgrades to stay engaged. This is why the developers’ choice to reduce the rate of progression of weapon mastery has been controversial.

Mark Rubin, the game’s executive producer explained why the development team decided to increase the level requirements for weapon proficiency in their weapon progression changes.

Weapon attachments affect gameplay. And people were unlocking accessories slower than expected. Speeding up level progression is a response to this. Weapon Mastery, on the other hand, doesn’t affect gameplay and is meant to be something special that shows your dedication to a weapon. And so, the level rebalancing addresses that.

XDefiant Gold Camouflage

So even though weapon mastery levels have increased significantly, which seems to make obtaining the Gold skin much more difficult, the reality is that it’s a “parallel change” due to the accelerated advancement of weapons.

This is part of an ongoing effort to give players plenty more to do once they’ve unlocked all the weapons.

A Prestige system is coming. A new version of weapon mastery is coming. And other forms of progression are coming“, said Mark Rubin.

Although it went unnoticed at the time, the Prestige system in XDefiant was confirmed months ago. In January 2024, well before XDefiant’s official release date, Rubin had already claimed that the Prestige would have an “annual” system in order to keep things attractive.

We want to have the classic Prestige system, but we also recognize that in games like CoD you get a new set of prestiges every year (like a new game), and we are a game designed to last for years, so we are considering possibly annual Prestiges.

Although some players aren’t too happy with XDefiant’s current offering when it comes to overall progression, the developers are working on ways to reward the game’s biggest fans.

Season 1 will certainly address some of these fans’ concerns.

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