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animated trailer highlights the IP's history



S-Game celebrated the Year of the Dragon with the release of the “Rain & Blood” anime trailer for Phantom Blade Zero. In a recent article by IGN, the company explained the importance of the fight shown in the content shared days ago.

The video features a fast-paced duel between rivals Soul and Zuo Shang, alternating between a sword fight lit by storms and traditional drawings that even resemble traditional Japanese manga.

According to the article, this Phantom Blade Zero animation is made to show the franchise's past and excite players for the future. This launch will represent 15 years of history of the saga, which had six main games and is “ready to take a step forward”.

The video also highlights the evolution of the saga, from its 2D roots to 3D space, strengthened by Unreal Engine 5. S-Game proves that the series has evolved in combat and setting over the years, and this next chapter on PS5 and on PC it can raise this level even further.

According to S-Game, a playable demo will be released later this year, but this does not indicate that Phantom Blade Zero's debut is near.

Phantom Blade Zero demo will be short and restricted to guests

S-Game has stated that the promised Phantom Blade Zero demo is not intended for marketing purposes and will be a short experience. Furthermore, this demo will only be released to selected players. Understand better here!

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