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Another! Sony reveals 2nd PS Plus Extra and Deluxe game for April



Shortly after revealing the launch of Dave the Diver directly on PS Plus Extra and Deluxe, Sony was excited and has already announced the second game to be included in this month's Games Catalog. This is Tales of Kenzera: Zau, which will also debut directly in these service plans, on April 23.

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Tales of Kenzera: Zau is the first game from Surgent Studios and is part of the EA Originals initiative, in which Electronic Arts invests in independent games. The 2.5D game is focused on narrative, action and exploration, with a story that addresses emotions and how love gives us the courage to move forward after a great loss.

In gameplay, players control Zau, a warrior-shaman from Amandla who searches for Kalunga, the god of death, to negotiate for the resurrection of his “Baba” from the world of the dead. Using two masks imbued with solar and lunar powers, the protagonist travels through Kenzera fighting ancestral spirits and crossing obstacles to find three beings who deceived the god of death.

In the adventure, players gain experience through exploration and combat. The points obtained can be spent on two skill trees: one for the Moon Mask and the other for the Sun Mask. This way, he learns new combos, becoming stronger.

Tales of Kenzera: Zau will arrive on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox Series. PS Plus Extra and Deluxe members will be able to play it at no additional cost.

Ten games will leave PS Plus Extra and Deluxe in April

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