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Anti Social Social Club launches Like a Dragon clothing



Streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club and SEGA have announced a partnership to create Like a Dragon-themed apparel.

“Like a Dragon has always tried to break down barriers between the real world and virtual collaborations. The Anti Social Social Club collection is an authentic expression of innovation and creativity on both sides,” says SEGA of America in a press release.

Inspired by the characters Kazuma Kiryu and Ichiban Kasuga, the collection represents an unprecedented collaboration for the series and Ryu Ga Gotoku. It is the first time that the studio has partnered with the brand, which is well known to the global public for having innovative pieces that connect with young audiences.

“Just like all games in the series Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth exudes good energy and personality. The rhythm of life in the fictional urban environments of Like a Dragon they bring out the spirit and vitality of living in a city. Much of the game's personality resonates with what Anti Social Social Club and the streetwear community represent. The collection of Infinite Wealth It's not just a collection of merchandise. It is an essential and iconic extension of the game and characters in our world”, highlights the brand.

With prices ranging between US$25 and US$99, this line of products will arrive on March 2nd on the brand's website and will include sweatshirts, t-shirts, button-down shirts, bandanas and hats.

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