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Any Ubisoft game can appear in XDefiant



“Nothing is off the table”, is how XDefiant’s executive producer, Mark Rubin, said about the various collaboration possibilities between Ubisoft’s franchises and the new free shooter to the Kotaku website. For him, there is a large list of characters, heroes and villains that could easily enter the game and have special appearances.

That’s one of the most fun things about our game – the mix between Ubisoft IPs. I can say that nothing is really off the table.

On the other hand, additions and partnerships will not happen lightly. Rubin emphasized that new characters or references need to “fit into the mechanics created for XDefiant.” For the production team, the different FPS factions are a way of celebrating Ubisoft’s IPs and each element, such as heroes, maps, skins and weapons exist for the enjoyment of fans who love the publisher’s projects.


Past loyalists have indicated the arrival of Just Dance characters in the FPS. Furthermore, some players are already speculating the possibility of seeing Rayman in a more violent game. One way or another, it seems that the FPS has room for crassovers.

XDefiant Season 1 will have Rainbow Six faction

With each season of XDefiant, a new faction will be introduced. For the first wave of content, the elite German troops will be present in the free shooter: GSK, known as GSG 9 in Rainbow Six Siege. Know more!

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