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Apex Legends receives security update after hacks



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As expected, hacks in the Apex Legends Global Series final caused Respawn to move quickly to release a security update for its FPS.

“On Sunday, some professional APEX Legends players were hacked during an ALGS event. Game and player safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we paused the competition to resolve the issue immediately. Our teams have released the first in a series of updates to protect the community and create a safe experience for everyone. Thank you for your patience”, published the company on its social networks.

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For those who are not very familiar with this scenario, Apex Legends Global Series is a series of competitive tournaments for those who play Apex Legends on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, with a total prize pool of US$5,000,000.

Apex Legends dev affected by layoffs

Electronic Arts' recently announced restructuring, which saw it lay off 5% of its workforce, has affected Respawn Entertainment. On social media, several former members of the Apex Legends and Titanfall studio commented on the decision, regretting the cuts made. Read more by clicking here.

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