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Archtrones mod catches the internet's attention



Dark Souls 3 has not yet been abandoned by fans. A modder created a way to “retell the story” of the franchise and brought the Archthrones package for the community to explore the gameplay. As a result, the experience became even more difficult and interesting for lovers of the FromSoftware saga.

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The mod is called Archthrones because that's the name of the team responsible for the unofficial patch. The Archthrones Team, which is made up of scriptwriters, artists, programmers and even musical composers, released this update on the NexusMods portal for free. To improve, there was also a launch trailer for fans to enjoy:

With Dark Souls: Archthrones available, many content creators began to experiment with this new feature. According to reports, right from the starting area, the challenge appears to be quite promising. After all, two Crucible knights surround your character. Check out:

Other reports indicate that Demon's Souls may have served as inspiration for the creators to develop the world of Archthrones. Following this path, there are five worlds for players to discover, in whatever order they want, the “reinterpretations” of FromSoftware’s myths.

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