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ARK: Survival Ascended: Scorched Earth now available

Studio Wildcard hat die Erweiterung Scorched Earth für ARK: Survival Ascended veröffentlicht, nachdem diese um mehrere Monate verschoben wurde. Scorched Earth ist eine neu gestaltete Version des ursprünglichen Wüstengebiets, die vollständig mit der Unreal Engine 5 neu entwickelt wurde. Die neue Karte entführt die Spieler in ein völlig neues Land, das aus sechs einzigartigen Wüstenbiomen



ARK: Survival Ascended: Scorched Earth now available

Studio Wildcard has the expansion Scorched Earth for ARK: Survival Ascended published after being postponed for several months.

Scorched Earth is a reimagined version of the original desert area, completely redeveloped using Unreal Engine 5. The new map transports players to an entirely new land consisting of six unique desert biomes – dunes, high desert, mountains, canyons, badlands and oases – each with its own aesthetic and ecosystem. Littered with ruins, geysers and intricate ancient cave systems, survivors explore an entirely new frontier to explore and master. You can travel back and forth between the island and the desert to team up with hundreds of players from both worlds.

In the wasteland of Scorched Earth players will meet, among other things, the new Fasolasuchus, which can swim through sand like in water. These beasts might suddenly appear to ambush you, or swim around quickly to pull you into a sand vortex. Additionally, their tails are powerful enough to kick up sand to blind predators and prey alike.

The new map is available for free to all ARK players.

New Bob's Tall Tales Pass available

The second expansion pass for Bob's Tall Tales has also been released, adding new gameplay features to each main map and four vital stories about the legendary “Bob”. Each Tall Tale features unique and helpful creatures and vehicles such as the monolithic Oasisaur and trains Scorched Earth.

Today, new western-style structures such as the dedicated “Rootin' Tootin' Saloon” are available. Players can also search for buried treasure, tame resilient new creatures, or build their own chugging steam train to explore the harsh wastelands. More of this content, such as retro-futuristic gadgets or high-octane automobile action, will follow towards the end of the year and early 2025.

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