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Arkane co-founder shows behind the scenes of the new project



Raphaël Colantonio, co-founder of Arkane, has joined Wolfeye Studios, and, with producer Julien Roby, takes care of a mysterious new project. He showed off behind-the-scenes work at the Austin office in a new social media post.

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According to the notes displayed on the board, perhaps left as clues for the community to imagine the approach, it is an RPG with a focus on science fiction. Additionally, the gameplay would be aimed at lovers of first-person games.

Take a peek inside our Austin office, where we're hard at work on our next game.

Colantonio and Roby previously held senior roles at Arkane and worked on many of the studio's acclaimed games, including Arx Fatalis, Dishonored, and Prey (2017), before co-founding Wolfeye.

Arkane co-founders have already shown a little more about the project

The Arkane co-founders' most recent appearance was during GDC 2024. There, they only showed a screenshot of the project, where there is a futuristic city in the background, but it is not possible to have much idea of ​​what is to come.

After launching Weird West with an isometric camera, they seem excited to innovate.

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