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Astro Bot will have free expansion after launch



One of the highlights of the most recent State of Play and one of the few games with the PS Studios seal for 2024, Astro Bot will be launched with various content, but will not be without new features after its debut. Through free DLC, Team Asobi intends to expand the title’s content after launch.

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In an interview with IGN, Nicolas Doucet, head of the studio, mentioned that there are plans to add more content, at no cost, to the base game. According to him, the intention will be to bring more levels of challenge to the game, with shorter phases focused on platform-specific challenges and other interesting changes.


Doucet didn’t reveal any further details about what else might be included in these DLCs, but the article goes further and makes some assumptions. Several PlayStation characters appeared throughout the Astro Bot demo, and who knows, with the arrival of an expansion, the number of partnerships will continue to grow after launch.

Another curiosity? Doucet said that PlayStation gave the studio complete freedom to take the protagonists from all franchises under the company’s control to put in the game in some way. That said, apparently great moments await us in Astro Bot (and beyond), right?

Astro Bot is everything the PlayStation 5 needed and you will love it!

Yes, we play Astro Bot and we can say that all the hype generated in the State of Play will be met. Find out more details about our gameplay experience by clicking here!

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