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Astro Bot will not always need to be linked to the history of PlayStation



Astro’s Playroom may have been many people’s first experience with the PlayStation mascot. In it, we understand how the PS5 systems work while having fun in the gameplay. With Astro Bot, the history of the console brand is once again present, however, in the future, this could change.

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Nicolas Doucet, director of the studio, gave an interview to VGC and spoke about how this project got off the ground. At first, the team questioned whether the proposal should again take advantage of the PlayStation brand as a whole. The decision was to fly with our own wings, but bringing this franchise universe to the fans.

As stated by Doucet, this was the conception for Astro Bot, but nothing prevents Team Asobi from creating an adventure where Astro has a more independent environment, without direct links to the history of PS Studios consoles and characters, for example. The important thing for them is to maintain the elements and quality of the gameplay.


It’s a very flexible franchise and that’s one of the things I love about it. We approached it with a light heart and didn’t write a backstory: we’re not too precious with the details, except for the character design, which needs to be respected. The rest is really open-ended, and thanks to that, we can feel pretty relaxed about where this goes next.


Astro Bot devs never “considered” port for PS VR2

A virtual reality port for Astro Bot was never considered. The person who confirmed this was Team Asobi itself, who said they didn’t see any point in making two versions of the game. Find out more details at this link!

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