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Authorities ask Apple for explanations after Epic ban



The curious case of the email banning the Epic Games developer account from Apple gained a new chapter this Thursday morning (7). Reuters news agency contacted European regulatory authorities, who had given the Fortnite creator the right to launch its own virtual app store on iOS, and they said they will demand explanations from the iPhone maker.

“We have asked Apple for further explanation on this under the DMA (Digital Markets Act). We are also evaluating whether Apple's actions raise questions about its compliance with the DSA (Digital Services Act) and the P2B (Platform for Business Regulation), due to the links between membership of the developer program and the App Store as an online platform very large designated,” said a representative of the European commission, via email.

The return to iOS on the continent became viable due to the implementation of the new Digital Markets Law (DMA) in Europe, which prohibits companies like Apple from “restricting” the applications that can be installed on devices exclusively to the App Store.

In other words, Epic will initially be able to launch its Epic Store within the iPhone and iPad store, allowing content, including Fortnite, to be downloaded using it. O announcementIt was actually done with a pinprick. Apparently, the ban was a kind of response to this stance.

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