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Awakening highlights desert survival



This Monday (4), Funcom held an exclusive broadcast of Dune: Awakening to present several new gameplay features. The excerpts reveal the inspirations behind the MMO and show how the title will adapt an Arrakis in the middle of a war for Spices.

The title will have PVP and cooperation mechanics, and will take players to an experience of total freedom. Each one will be able to build their own story, interacting with sandworms, ornithopters and the instruments of the Great Schools of the Empire to strengthen their legacy.

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Dune: Awakening will feature base building, resource management, progression and vehicle control systems. Furthermore, survivors will discover a desert planet full of opportunities, with different objectives spread across the map and choice-based content.

Check out the MMO trailer and a behind-the-scenes video with more details on the inspirations behind the project below:

Dune: Awakening is in development for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The title does not yet have a release date.

Learn more about Dune: Awakening

Read the game description below, according to the Funcom broadcast (via Gematsu):

Dune: Awakening combines the grit and creativity of survival games with the social interactivity of a large, persistent multiplayer game to create a unique and ambitious massively multiplayer online open-world survival game.

The game is more of a sandbox than a theme park. The emphasis is on the freedom it offers in choosing and pursuing your goals, and the emergent moments that arise when they conflict with those of other players.

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