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Aware of the risks, Embracer Group will use AI “massively”



Embracer Group has adopted a new policy involving AI tools, using models to “massively increase” game development. The company hopes this will produce more immersive and engaging games, offering players a “unique, dynamic and personalized” experience.

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As highlighted in the company’s annual report, the Swedish conglomerate recognizes the risks involved with the technology, but believes that the benefits outweigh these possible setbacks:

We see huge opportunities for AI in the speed of game development, logistics and planning. Embracer Group also understands the potential risks associated with the use of AI, such as improving planning, decision-making, supporting talent acquisition, and improving employee experiences or retention.

AI will not replace employees at Embracer Group, which is aware of the risks

The company claims that this adoption will “empower” its developers to create “more powerful experiences at the same time”. Furthermore, the company says it does not intend to replace its employees, suggesting that this change will open doors for new hires:

Not only will AI allow our developers to do even more and become more efficient at certain tasks, but it will also open up coding to a wider group of developers. Entry into the industry may be easier for individuals with disabilities who, for example, cannot use a keyboard as easily as others.

According to Tomas Hedman, head of privacy and AI governance at Embracer, the company’s “risk-aware” approach to technology is about being aware of pitfalls, such as potential unethical outcomes and other issues.

Will it work out for the Swedish company?

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