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Baldur's Gate 3: A fight reveals the consequences of stealing deities



combat voler dieux baldurs gate 3

The community of Baldur's Gate 3 realized that they would face consequences for their actions if they decided to steal from the Stormcoast Tabernacle in Act 3.

Choice is one of the most important parts of an RPG, and Baldur's Gate 3 offers a multitude of decisions to make. Are you going to destroy a refugee camp? Will you leave a beautiful land trapped in a shadow curse? Will you seduce the ridiculously attractive vampire elf? The Sword Coast is yours.

However, just because you have the freedom to make these choices, it does not mean that you are free from the consequences of these actions. Remember, this is still Faerûn. There's a whole pantheon of neutral-evil deities keeping an eye on you, and if you do something they don't like…

Baldur's Gate 3

Once you get to Act 3, annoying the gods practically becomes a daily occurrence. At this point, you've killed Myrkul's favorite failing father, and probably stolen Shar's favorite princess. Yet there is a way to annoy almost all the gods at once, if you pay a visit to the Stormcoast Tabernacle in the eponymous town of Baldur's Gate.

What happens if you steal from the Tempest Coast Tabernacle?

Turns out the gods aren't too happy if you steal from their temple. Who would've believed that ? The Tempest Coast Tabernacle is a temple of worship for various gods located in the Lower City, and it happens to be full of great loot, offered to the gods as a sign of faith.

If you decide to steal anything, your group receives a significant penalty, “Chastised by Divinity”. Clearing this debuff, even in the safety of the camp, will spawn a bunch of enemies wherever you are, putting you in a tricky situation.

An Honor mode player described how his party handled the theft, saying: “I went to the Stormcoast Tabernacle and naturally looted every damn deity item in the basement. All four party members get the Chastised by Divinity condition, okay no problem I'll just remove the curse later. »

“I went to camp and cast a healing spell on all my party members without thinking, which triggered the divine curse and oops, eight Devas appear in my camp. »

The fight ended with Gratouille's death, meaning that the crime was definitely not worth the sacrifice.

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