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Baldur's Gate 3 newbie shocked by unexpected love scene



Romances are an integral part of Baldur's Gate 3's gameplay cycle. However, one player was left traumatized after witnessing scenes of his friend's romance with the Emperor and Halsin.

The discussion was started by a Reddit user who claimed: “I think I just traumatized my friend. » He then said: “We are playing our first part and we have reached act 3. We decide to rest and a dream sequence begins. » He continued : “I see an option to romance the Emperor and I just had to try it.” Well, his dream is certainly shorter than mine, and so he joined me to see what was taking me so long… Just to see my Tav fiddling with tentacles. »

The Baldur's Gate 3 love scene that leaves new players speechless

He also mentioned: “I wish the story ended there, but we continue. The next day I talk to Halsin and get a romance scene. Yeah, guess when my friend joins me to see what I'm taking so long? Yup. » Finally, he concluded: “I don’t think he’ll see squid or bears the same way anytime soon.” »

Other players also joined the conversation, as they found this interaction quite funny. One user said: “Doesn’t the Emperor promise to erase the memories of your companions? What a liar! » Another user added: “My guy said he saw an option to romance the emperor and he definitely had to try it. »

A player also said: “The romance scene with the Emperor is so good. » Finally, one of the players commented: “Your friend seems to be peeking into your private moments a lot. Maybe not accidents after all. »

Baldur's Gate 3 gives you the ability to romance almost every companion (besides NPCs). However, some of these romance scenes may be questionable depending on your tastes. Therefore, for an average person, these romance scenes may seem traumatic. However, that's the beauty of this game, as it pushes players to do the unthinkable.

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