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Baldur's Gate 3 player discovers well-hidden camp after 300 hours of gameplay



Camps in Baldur's Gate 3 are places where your party can rest and recuperate after adventuring, and they are usually tailored to the locations you are in. Recently, a player discovered a well-camouflaged camp in a hard-to-find area of ​​Act 1.

Among the plethora of elements that make Baldur's Gate 3 an immersive experience for players is the ability to set up camp to enjoy Long Rests. While this makes sense in a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game, it also adds a bit of realism when your characters need to take some time to sleep and recover.

Each side you establish in the game is also different, adding to that element of realism. Depending on whether you are resting in the Cursed Shadowlands, or Baldur's Gate, it will be themed to the area you are in.

And don't think that there is only one version of the camp per major area of ​​the game. Indeed, some camps only correspond to tiny areas of the game, and are therefore very easy to miss.

Player anxiousandqueer shared his discovery on Reddit. “ I'm like 330 hours into this game, and for the first time, I think, I went back to the camp while I was in the basement of the Wasteland Village, and it has its own camp! »

It's different from the general camp you get in other parts of the wilderness and it has such an interesting setup! » he then explained.

Players in the comments found something similar in different areas too, with one mentioning that there is a similar location in Baldur's Gate when you reach Act 3: ” I learned the other day that you can have a camp at the docks when you get to town – I went straight to Elf's Song! »

Fans, however, found that there seemed to be more of these kinds of specific camps in Act 1 compared to the others. Especially in Baldur's Gate, where many of the areas are hostile and you can't take long rests

However, many did not know this was possible and were keen to try camps in different locations to see what they could find. One thing is certain, Baldur's Gate 3, months after its release, is still full of secrets.

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