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Baldur's Gate 3 Player Reveals Why Changing Companion Subclasses



Baldur's Gate 3 players are reconsidering some of the subclasses assigned to their party members, and many of them don't seem to make much sense.

Subclasses are a big part of Baldur's Gate 3's flexibility and replayability. In addition to the wide range of classes to choose from, each of them also has a set of subclasses that radically change the way you play .

Choosing the right subclass can be tricky, especially when you don't know their impact. As a result, many players are tempted to simply leave the original characters in their default configuration. However, this creates a major problem: many default subclasses are terrible.

Take the Astarion subclass. By default, it's a Rogue, a fascinating subclass made even more interesting by its complete lack of damage. Having this in your party is like walking around with a second cleric who doesn't heal. Considering how powerful Assassin builds are for him, you'd be wise to switch.

Several players have noticed the same thing for other companions, and one of them made a list of some of the worst cases.

Baldur's Gate 3 players explore alternative subclass options for their companions

Player Zyphrost has rounded up some of the worst subclasses in the game on Reddit, as well as some confusing choices.

He said : ” There are some that make sense, and then some that absolutely don't. Astarion is by default a Rogue, while going to level 1 Rogue for a Tav would default you to a Thief. Both Halsin and Jaheira are Druids, but Halsin is by default in the Circle of the Moon and Jaheira in the Circle of the Earth. Minsc is by default a Hunter Ranger, while leveling up a Ranger for a Tav gives you Beastmaster, instead “.

With Lae'zel, I can understand her being a Warmaster, but I would have thought that Eldritch Chavalier would suit her better. However, some of the other choices don't make sense. For example, why is Karlach a Wildheart Barbarian? »

It's interesting to see that she was a Soldier in the past, but they changed it to an Outlaw when the game released – it seems like they wanted to emphasize some connection with nature, perhaps before she served Zariel, but she grew up in Baldur's Gate, so Wildheart doesn't really make sense “.

Another player said he also saw the light in reconfiguring Astarion as an assassin, saying: “ Astarion defaults to Rogue, it makes sense, I just find it impractical as a player, so I play him as Assassin “.

Adjusting your companions' subclasses in Baldur's Gate 3 is crucial to maximizing your team's potential. So take the time to choose wisely.

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