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Baldur's Gate 3 player shares tip to avoid romantic faux pas



In Baldur's Gate 3, despite all its challenges, there are also romantic moments as players can choose who they would like to have a romantic relationship with. However, it goes without saying that sometimes things don't always go as planned in this area.

A player shared their experience of failing to kiss a certain character during a Honor Mode playthrough, due to the lack of a specific attribute. He explained : “My paladin with an IQ of 8 was on a date with this black-haired beauty, and he was pretty nervous”referring to Shadowheart.

“He thought it would be beneficial to drink about 4 cups of liquid courage to deal with the fact that he has something that people my age would refer to as 'L rizz.' Despite being a paladin, speaking has never been his strong point. »

As the player's paladin lay down next to Shadowheart, he suddenly failed the intuition test, preventing him from getting the option to kiss him. Apparently she was so upset with him and “left in an embarrassed manner”. Since this also happened in Honor Mode, the player had no second chance to reclaim this opportunity.

Because of this, the author of the post suggested that others make sure their characters “have at least 4 neurons” before sending them to an appointment.

The original poster originally suggested others put more INT, to which another player corrected that intuition is a wisdom skill.

Seeing how this all played out, other players in the comments couldn't help but make fun of the original poster's situation. One person wrote: “Lesson learned. INT's blindfold stays in place during lovemaking. »

“The hardest part of the game is understanding women’s signals”mentioned another player.

“Is there a lore reason why your Paladin is stupid?” Is he stupid? » another player joked.

Meanwhile, a user pointed out that he also experienced the same thing – failing the test in Honor mode. Although he assured the original poster that it was correct. “She’ll talk about it the next day. But no kisses for you for a while now. »

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