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Baldur's Gate 3 player spots 'terrifying' glitch in Act 2



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Baldur39s Gate 3 player spots 39terrifying39 glitch in Act 2

Baldur's Gate 3 is an incredible game, but it's not free of bugs. It also seems that a player recently spotted a glitch in Act 2 and it is terrifying.

Baldur's Gate 3 is quite possibly one of the most expansive games you can play. It is immense in size and ambition and offers hundreds of hours of gameplay. However, a game this large inevitably contains glitches that can disrupt your experience.

It seems that a player spotted a glitch in Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3. The player found it both hilarious and terrifying and decided to discuss it with other members of the community.

A disturbing glitch in Baldur's Gate 3 terrifies players

The discussion around the topic was started by Reddit user timpanona who posted an image of the glitch and said: “ Probably one of the most hilarious and terrifying glitches I've encountered so far “. This was a glitch where the ox in Act 2 was covered in some sort of green matter and surrounded by dead bodies.

Other players joined the conversation, as many of them found this bug quite funny. One user commented: “ The glitch is a leak! LOL “. Another user added: “ Hah! The strangest beef I've ever seen “.

A player also said: “ Become friends with him and ask him for help as an ally in the final fight “. Finally, another commenter mentioned: “ Man, I just thought it was an indistinct shape, I never saw the dead bodies until now “. One of the players even suggested, “ Don't be afraid, you just start to see things as they really are “.

Therefore, some players have suggested that this is a leak, while others are simply surprised by it. Still, there's no doubt that the scene is terrifying, and Baldur's Gate 3 players agree on that.

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