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Baldur's Gate 3 players can't get enough of the Minthara-Gayle rivalry



In Baldur's Gate 3, an exchange between Minthara and Gayle shocked several players. Nonetheless, this clash captivates fans, highlighting Minthara's complex personality and justifying her attitude.

The discussion was started by a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of the conversation between Minthara and Gayle. In it, Minthara says Gayle should have been killed at birth. The players responded to this, “ What's the point. He didn't deserve this “.

Several Reddit users joined the conversation because they had an explanation for Minthara's behavior when interacting with Gayle. One user commented: “ Honestly, I love this exchange just for the little insight into the world of the drow. And Minthara is a Baenre. They are the first house for a reason “.

Another player added: “ In Minthara's case, she despises magicians, and Gayle happens to be one. She's unique because you can get her to talk bad about everyone at camp, one by one. She has no restraint “.

One player added: “ Gayle is two things that combined are extremely suspect and despised in Menztho… Menyzo… Minthara's home town: a man and a magician “.

Finally, one of the users mentioned, “ Minthy doesn't give in, she's written to be a classic 80s villain, brutal, purely chaotic “.

Although players love this conversation, it is understandable why Minthara treats Gayle aggressively in the game. Minthara belongs to a race in Baldur's Gate 3 that dislikes Male Wizards because they are seen as dangerous in their community. Therefore, she is simply following tradition when it comes to Gayle.

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