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Baldur's Gate 3 players discover the city's shocking unsanitary conditions



Those who explore every corner of Baldur's Gate 3 realize that the city must smell pretty bad, even by the standards of a medieval city.

As a Reddit user on the Baldur's Gate 3 subreddit pointed out, the city of Baldur's Gate itself must give off a foul odor to say the least… all because of the Steel Guard.

Note: This article contains Act 3 spoilers regarding the Steelguard Foundry

Those who explore the Steel Guard Foundry in Act 3 soon learn the sad truth behind the massive mechanical brutes that patrol the city streets. Created by Enver Gortash, the Steel Guards actually contain zombies whose brains have been removed and infected by mind flayer tadpoles and controlled by Bane cultists.

Since each Construct contains a rotting corpse and there are so many of them patrolling the streets of Baldur's Gate, the author asks “Shouldn't the Steel Guard smell terrible?” »

Others added that the Steel Guard isn't the only factor that would make the city quite loathsome. As one player added in the comments, “There was a 'murder house' that stank of corpses in this town and the guards couldn't even be bothered to knock. » He also highlighted the various other “basements with corpses” which swarm beneath the city and should contribute to the terrible smell of Baldur's Gate.

If we can easily imagine that medieval towns should not systematically smell of roses, Baldur's Gate clearly puts the cursor higher. With its immense metal creatures controlled by zombies and basements filled with corpses, everything suggests that it is better to breathe through your mouth in these charming alleys.

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