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Baldur's Gate 3 Players Discover the Incredible Truth About Bhaal's Voice



Baldur's Gate 3 players were shocked to discover that the actor who voices Bhaal is also well known for his work in other fantasy games, including The Witcher.

The Evil Three are the main antagonists of Baldur's Gate 3. Between Orin, Ketheric and Gortash, the gods Bhaal, Bane and Myrkul make life difficult for those living on the Sword Coast, especially Tav and his group.

The most intimidating among them is Bhaal, god of murder, whose chosen Orin is frankly the least stable of the three in Baldur's Gate 3.

The voice acting in Baldur's Gate has always been one of its strong points; just remember Neil Newbon's victory at the Game Awards 2023 for his interpretation of Astarion. However, players were shocked to discover that the actor who lends his voice to Bhaal is none other than Doug Cockle who voices Geralt in the English-speaking version of The Witcher games.

So, player IosueYu posted about it on the Baldur's Gate subreddit, expressing his ” sudden realization of who Bhaal's voice actor actually is “. His post was received with great surprise.

While Bhaal isn't the most talkative of the gods, you can have a decent conversation with him if you're playing a Dark Impulses character. Once you defeat Orin in Act 3, he will appear to choose you as his rightful chosen one and favorite child, showcasing Doug Cockle's superb voice acting skills.

Beyond The Witcher and Baldur's Gate 3, Cockle has also voiced characters in Payday 3 and Alan Wake 2, where he plays Robert Nightingale.

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