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Baldur's Gate 3 players share tips for the dreaded Brain puzzle



Baldur's Gate 3 also involves solving difficult puzzles like the Brain, the toughest challenge in the game, for unique rewards, adding a touch of frustration and intrigue to the game.

The Mind Flayer Colony at the end of Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3 has some important story moments. Plus, you can find interesting things when you take the time to explore. One of them is the Riddle of the Brain, just after the Silent Library.


When you reach it, you find yourself faced with a strange connection of nodes that you must reconnect. As you approach the console, you will be asked to manipulate the brain, and you can start trying to solve it.

Players found this puzzle particularly difficult. One of them, Groundhog_Gary28, even described his experience as quite arduous in a post on Reddit. He titled it “ Finally defeated the most difficult boss so far. “.


He then developed his idea: “ After a long and difficult battle, overcoming a level 5 confusion spell and enduring 4 psychic damage with three additional turns of mental fatigue, I'm proud to say that I finally defeated the most absurd boss yet without any remaining spell slot “.

Players in the comments immediately sympathized with him, saying their experience was similar. One player claimed that the puzzle was particularly “ annoying! “. This is especially true for console gamers. In fact, they sometimes have difficulty choosing the right nodes with a controller.


To try and reduce frustration among Baldur's Gate 3 players, many have shared tips. It might also help you easily solve this Brain riddle.

While there isn't a foolproof method for solving the Brain Riddle, Baldur's Gate 3 players have revealed that you need to be patient, make sure you choose the correct nodes for each part of the Brain, and Don't be afraid to interchange them.


Start from the beginning. Look at the options for each color. A color can only go in one direction, so select that one », Explained a player.

Then look again. Oh, there's only one color that CAN go in this direction, so select that one. then look again. You can logically solve the puzzle step by step by eliminating the possibilities »he continued.


Another tip shared by a fan was to take your time connecting each node and changing between colors. “ For those who are struggling with this puzzle, remember that you can change branches and advance each branch one step at a time, with this technique you simply cannot fail “.

Many Baldur's Gate 3 players have found the effort to solve this puzzle to be worth it, especially considering the rewards you get when the door behind the Brain Puzzle opens:

  • A brain jar containing a Awakened Spirit which can give you a nice bonus if you use it at the Spirit console
  • L'Sword of Oppressed Souls who inflict psychic damage.
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